Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crazy few weeks!

I am still not doing very good at this blogging thing. I have had strep throat the past week. I am sure grateful for antibiotics. We have had some fun times these past couple of weeks. I was able to attend Emily and Elizabeth's field trip last Tuesday. We went to the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum. It is such a beautiful area. The picture above is Elizabeth and Emily at Lovers Point Beach after the museum. We were able to talk a walk along a trail by the beach.
The girls were amazed by this eyeball of a whale. Elizabeth mentioned that it was almost as big as her head.

Here we are in front of the museum. Do you see the sick look on my face? That is the day I really started to feel horrible. Thank goodness Hanna was able to care for the girls later that day. It really was a fun day with the girls. We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We may have to drive 45 minutes to get anywhere but it is well worth it.

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