Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Fun

Fun day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here are the cousins in front of some huge jellyfish.

We had a great time this weekend with family. My mom, sister and her kids came to visit us. The girls were so excited to have their cousins come to visit. It is the first time my sister has visited this area since we've moved. We went the Monterey Bay Aquarium with everyone on Monday. The picture above is the girls and I outside by the bay. It was a really beautiful day.

From the left: Whitney, Hanna, Emily, Elizabeth, Tatum (on Elizabeth's lap), Abby, Samantha and Grammie. They were sitting in the wave crasher. Spencer, the only boy, didn't want to be in the picture. The water crashing scarred him to much.

Grammie and Tatum enjoying some quiet time in the morning.

My sister and I had to run an errand and when we got this is what we saw. Dan was being attacked by all the kids. He was such a good sport. Sam and Whitney said they were going to pull out his hair and I quickly told them to leave it as it seems to be falling out on its own (Love you honey!).

We decided Saturday to wash our extremely dirty car. There is a lot of dirt in King City and the rain had made our car look even dirtier. The day was not to warm but the kids always like to get their bathing suits on so we can spay them. Sam is trying to get away before Elizabeth attacks.


kiddle97 said...

Yay! I love blogging! I'm glad you have one to keep me entertained. Now you will know me by my code name, Kiddle97 (if you want, you can call me Agent Kiddle97, but that's not required). Ok, time to finish dishes. Blogging is too distractable for the easily-distracted like me. :)

Kirsten (Slama)

TheCrazyWhatcott's said...

I love reading about your girls. I am happy to see (at least in pictures) that they seem to get along really well! I sure hope that you have not yet "spayed" your girls, it isn't necessary! HA I know it was just a typo, but I couldn't resist. :)

Amber said...

Oh my goodness! Wendy, I can't believe how big all the kids have gotten! I didn't even recognize Becky's kids! Wow! Everyone looks so great and it certainly looks like you all had a lot of fun! Much love!

Wendy said...

I just read my typo! Kendra, there is a chance we may come to the Salt Lake area this summer. We know for sure that we are going to St. George. We are trying to work it out. We'll let you know so we can come visit.