Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Weekend

Every Sunday the kids make a treat to ding dong ditch to people that we know. It is a fun way to keep the kids busy on the Sabbath as well as an opportunity to serve other people. We will usually leave a note with a message from the "mystery givers". Many times the girls are caught but they have a good time. This past Sunday, they decided to ding dong ditch a house in the country. They have a very steep driveway and are in the middle of nowhere (as you can see from the picture). Here is Liz trying to run as fast as she can to get away from the door.
This picture is of the girls running to get to the door. If any of you are "Little House on the Prairie" fans, you would have got a kick out of watching them run. Emily even fell like Grace in the opening part of the show. It was just hilarious. You can tell that Hanna is trying to be all sneaky. They were caught on the way back. They were saying after that they should have just dropped into the big grass to hide. They had a great time.

Hanna is currently involved in 4-H. For those that don't know, 4-H is a club that offers different activities for kids. It is based around the fairs here in Monterey. Many of the kids raise animals to show and sell at the fair. We opted out of doing that knowing full well who would be taking care of the pig---that's right good old mommy. I told Hanna that I didn't want pig poo all over my shoes. Am I a city girl or what! Anyway, she has been taking a dance class through 4-H and they had a performance this past Friday. They did a line dance. Considering they only had been practicing for 2 days they did quite well. In fact, they received a gold medal and a chance to move onto to the next level of competition. It is a good organization for the kids.

Here is Hanna doing her dance.

Last, we had a fun hail storm this past week. Emily was reading to me after school one day and I heard a great deal of noise. We looked out and it was hailing! I haven't seen hail in a really long time. Of course the kids ran out to see if it hurt to stand in the hail. The bummer part of this was that one of the kids had left one side of the car open. The inside of the car was so wet. Thank goodness for leather seats! Did you notice that our grass if finally starting to grow back. When we bought the house, it was brown and ugly. Little by little things come along on the yard. We all had a fun weekend.

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