Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

YEAH!!!!! The gray is gone. I love being able to get my hair done. She added bangs and a carmel color. I can now celebrate my birthday and not think that I am getting old.
The girls had crazy hair day at school today. In our family, we love the show Pippo Longstocking. We have always joked that Sam should be Pippi for Halloween. Well, today was our experiment day for her Pippi hair. All the kids were looking at her as if she was crazy but she sure looked cute.

Here are all three girls before school. Em and Liz looked like Whoville from "Horton Hears A Who."

The girls must have been excited because I didn't even have to wake them up this morning. Hanna was planning on having crazy hair today but when she woke up she didn't want to. I think it was a case of "not being cool." Other than that, report cards came out today. All the girls did really well. We are proud of their great accomplishments at school. We look forward to a fun weekend. My sisters and her family and well as my mom will be here on Sunday. We are going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Monday. We get free tickets through our public library. It is a wonderful place to visit. Dan is not big about taking kids out of school but they at least will check in so the school will get their money. We are considering it a nice field trip.


Melanie said...

Fun hairdos!! It's hard with boys, so I am looking forward to crazy hair day with Heidi this year!! :-)

SalGal said...

How did you get the braids to stay up?!?! That was great!!!

TheCrazyWhatcott's said...

I love crazy hair day. My girls still enjoy it, so they let me do the funnest stuff. Enjoy your time at the Aquarium today.

Family said...

Cute Hair! :)