Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Other Events

Yesterday was "Read Across America Day" at the girls school. We were able to go into the girls classes to read. Dan has always gone into Hanna's class and I tend to read in the other girls classes. It is a fun day to promote reading. There are many parents who are unable to come to read during the day because they work. PTO decided to provide and opportunity for families to come back to the school at night for an "Green Eggs and Ham" event. The kids were able to make a hat, eat green eggs and ham and be read to by different people. Being on the PTO board, I was in charge of the event. I am not one that really like eggs and to have to make 10 dozen green scrambled eggs was almost to much for me to handle. I will be happy if I never see a green egg again(of course until next year). The kids actually ate them. I had to tell them that it was only food coloring. I did have a girl come up to me and want to know how to make them. We had a great turn out and everyone seem to have fun.
Emily and Elizabeth started piano about a month ago and already had their first receital. They did such a great job. There teacher is actually a high school student. She seems to a great job with them. Hanna take piano from the music teacher at the high school. Emily was really nervous but was able to overcome that as soon as she sat down at the piano.

Elizabeth tells me that she wasn't nervous a bit. We are proud of both the girls. We hope Hanna will be able to join the receital next year.

Emily and Elizabeth were student of the month for February. They are both in the same class at school. I wonder if the teacher picked both of them in one month to make it easy on mom and dad. Hanna also received student of the month for February but her teacher didn't let me know so I don't have a picture of her. I was super sad that I wasn't there for her. It was out of my control. Hanna's teacher has been preparing them for the state writing test. Hanna is actually taking the test now. She is well prepared.

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