Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Day

Next month Hanna will be turning 10 years old. For the last few years, she has been asking if she could get her ears pierced. Dan wasn't really thrilled with that idea so he told her when she was 10 that she could get it done. My sister was in town and she mentioned that she thought it would be fun to have all her sisters and some of her cousins there. I told my sister that Dan was adamant about waiting until she was 10. I called him anyway and to my surprise he said that should be ok since it was almost her birthday. Hanna was shocked and thrilled. Not one minute later Dan called back and said that he really wanted her to wait. With my persuasive skills, he said fine just do it but I don't want to be there. We were going to the Monterey that day for the Aquarium so we went to Claire's in the mall after. We had lunch first and Hanna was so nervous that she couldn't even eat.

Here she sits in the chair thinking if she should really go through with it. She kept asking the lady, "Will it hurt? What does it feel like?"
This is moments before she had it down. I was feeling the same way!
Her thoughts, " Oh no, she is marking my ear. Do I really want this?"

Hanna was lucky that a second person was working so she could have them both done at the same time. She knew now that she was committed. I was so nervous for her. I did get my ears pierced when I was little but I don't ever wear earrings.

And, she did it! Don't they look cute? I am mostly responsible for cleaning them because I want to make sure that it is done right. Hanna was so brave. She is happy that she did and even said that it didn't hurt (even though I thought she was being tough). Hanna, we are excited for you. Remember this will be your only piercings. I think your father would have a heart attack if you got any more piercings!

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Rachel said...

Very cool! I got mine pierced 3 months before I was 12 (that is when Megan got her's pierced with our grandma, much to my parents' dismay!) and I never wear earrings either:) I've had them re-pierced once and can still get earrings in if I really try (mostly as a bridesmaid).

Excited to see you soon!!