Friday, April 3, 2009

Radom Updates

Here is Hanna at her most recent 4-H meeting. She gave a presentation on her recent dance experience that I already blogged about. It gives them good public speaking experience.
Every morning it seems like a battle trying to get the girls out of bed for school. We are all happy Spring Break is coming! Anyway, one morning I went into Sam's room and found her like this. Either she feel asleep reading her book or she has found a new form of reading! All of our girls would stay up all night reading if we let them.

Here is Hanna again reading her paper. Doesn't she look cute in her apparel?

At church I teach CTR 5,6 and 7. Each week if they are good, we add a letter to a word they are trying to spell out. Once they complete the word they get whatever the word says. This time it was party. We had a party at my house. This picture is of them right before they were going out for the Easter egg hunt. Two of the kids in my class were unable to make it.

Samantha is quite the artist. She gets her ability from her father since I can't even draw stick people! In town, we have an art studio call Sol Treasures. Samantha has been taking an art class there every Wednesday. She has come home with some great masterpieces. Recently she took a friend with her to class and they make magnets. It was fun for Sam to have a friend because she is always the only girl. Her teacher says that she is so quiet and never makes a peep. She intently will listen and follow directions. I wonder sometimes if we are talking about the same child. She if far from quiet at home!

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