Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

We were able to go to Southern California for Spring break. We left last Tuesday night. Dan and I both grew up in Southern California so it is always fun to go back and visit. Each day was filled with fun and excitement. I will be posting different parts of our vacation because I can only upload 5 pictures at a time.

We went to the Discovery Science Museum for our niece's birthday party. Here is Hanna climbing a rock wall. There were so many kids there but all the kids had a great time. We saw an amazing bubble show.
Dan's sister lives in Ladera Ranch so we spent a night at their house. She has three daughters. Her oldest is Em and Liz's age and her second just turned 6 years old. It if fun for all of them to get together to play. Sam and Jesse were having a push up contest.

Dan enjoyed holding his sister's new baby. It was fun being reminded of when our girls were little. How fast everyone goes.

We have a DVD system in our car. It has made traveling long distance a little easier. We try and not turn it on for at least the first hour of the trip. When I was little, we always had to come up with things to do on long trips. I think it is good for kids to enjoy travel without TV. I must admit it is nice when you start to hear "Are we there yet?" for the 100th time.

We saw a beautiful rainbow on our way down south. The weather was crazy on our drive down. The wind was so bad on the 5 freeway in the Central valley that we thought our car just might blow over. There were dust storms everywhere. You would be driving and all of the sudden you couldn't see because of the dust storm. We were able to divert a serious accident (3 big rigs and 12 cars) just before they closed the freeway. It pays to follow big rigs when trying to divert serious traffic. They knew just the right way to go to bypass the stopped traffic. After all the dust storms and a little rain, this is what we saw.

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TheCrazyWhatcott's said...

I agree about the movies! I always read and slept or played games with my sisters, and now my kids are always wanting to watch a movie. I let them do it when we drive to AZ because it's such a long trip, and having a movie going helps me stay awake.