Monday, April 13, 2009

Pulling Weeds and 50's Day

Hanna's 4th grade class hosted 50's day at school a couple of weeks ago. At least the poodle skirt I made a few years ago got used again. Notice the waffle in Sam's hand as we were rushing out the door to get to school. Emily chose not to dress up. She actually came home sick from school that day.

Since we've moved into our house, we have neglected the backyard. The previous owners had cut down trees but left the stumps. Dan has been so busy at work, he has not had time to get to the backyard. My friend inspired me to start pulling the weeds that started to grow (actually that had overtaken our backyard). Here is Elizabeth somewhere in the weeds. The kids all earned money to help me pull weeds. I was so sore for the few days after pulling all the weeds.

Emily is about ready to say that she has had enough.

Here is Hanna for 50's day.

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