Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hanna's Tonsil Surgery

The big day finally arrived. On May 11th Hanna had her tonsils taken out. Ever since she was little she would get either strep or tonsillitis when she got sick. This year alone she had it 3 times (two of which were only 3 weeks apart). We were sent to a ear nose throat doctor back in Feb. We were going to wait to have the surgery when school got out but when she got tonsillitis again we knew that she had to just have the surgery done. She was really brave for the procedure. Here she is outside the surgery center.
We got checked in and they called her back in to pre op. The nurses were all so nice and really put her fears at ease. They asked us some questions and then had her get into this gown and shoe coverings. We weren't sure if the hat was going to fit all her hair. They checked all her vitals and then we just waited until it was her turn. I could tell that she was nervous but she was trying really hard to be brave. They asked her if she wanted to have the IV put in when she was awake or asleep and she chose to do it before they put her under. They put this spray on her hand that freezes the skin so she wouldn't feel the prick. It never is easy to see your child in a situation such as this. I had great empathy for her having recently been through 2 surgeries myself. She was concerned that she would wake up during the surgery. Her fears were put at ease once she talked to the doctor.

By the time they took her back to the time the doctor came to talk to me it was only 30 minutes. I was amazed at how fast it was. The doctor said that we made the right choice to take them out as he said one tonsil still had "gunk" from the last infection. Dan was not able to come with us that day because things at work are CRAZY! My mother in law came with us instead.

We set the camera on the table to take this picture of us. I have had so many people tell me in the last few months how much Hanna looks like me.

When the nurse was checking Hanna in, she said that she would have the option of seeing her tonsils. I wasn't sure if I wanted to see them but after the surgery Hanna said that she did. I had put the camera in the car thinking I wasn't going to take any more pictures but I had to document this one. I ran to the car to get the camera and took this picture. I never realized how big tonsils really were. Hanna found it quite interesting.

After the surgery, Hanna kept asking to have her IV taken out. She kept telling me how she just wanted to go home. It is never fun to have an IV but I told Hanna the importance of keeping it in just in case they needed to give her some medicine. She then would avoid them poking her arm with a needle.

This picture was about 30 minutes after the surgery. When I first got into the room she seemed so confused. In fact, she kept trying to get out of the bed. I looked to the nurse wondering if that was a normal occurrence. I remember after my surgeries just wanting to lay there and sleep. The nurse did say that it was normal for the first 30 minutes to have uncontrolled movements. I tried to tell her to calm down. The nurse kept saying what a good patient Hanna was. She told me that just after the surgery (as they were moving her into post op) Hanna started to wake up and she said that she looked like a princess waking up from her beauty sleep. She even gave them a smile.

What an adventure today was. I feel very blessed to have such a strong child who has a lot of faith. She thought it was great to ride on a gurney and in a wheelchair. We joked saying the nurse needed to take lessons on how to push the wheelchair. She was pushing Hanna in the parking lot to the car and came to a speed bump. She told Hanna to hold on and proceeded to push her really fast. One problem...the place where you place your feet didn't want to go over the speed bump and so crash it went into the speed bump. Good thing Hanna didn't have back surgery! The last couple of days have been rough for her. Yesterday I wanted to take the pain from her. She was able to sleep through the night last night. Today seemed to be a little better. I keep telling her that everyday will get a little better. She really is such a good kid and a great patient. We love you Hanna!

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kiddle97 said...

Oh gosh, it hurt just reading about the crash with the speed bump! And how interesting to see her tonsils. Wow. I hope Hanna is fully recovered now -- way to be strong, Hanna!